The company has a sales network covering the whole country. It has regional agents in several central cities across the country, radiating several sales outlets, forming a point-to-face and tight network sales system. At the same time, the company pays attention to the integrated development of product sales and after-sales service, where the products are sold, and where the services are followed, so that consumers can “buy well, use well, trustworthy” to ensure that consumers enjoy quality products and satisfactory services.
  The difference   Responsible area   QQ
  Domestic trade   Shandong Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai Fujian   
  Domestic trade   Hunan Hubei Anhui Jiangxi Guangzhou Shenzhen Tianjin   
  Domestic trade   Beijing Yunnan Guizhou Sichuan Guangxi Chongqing   
  Domestic trade   Shaanxi Shanxi Henan Gansu Ningxia Tibet Qinghai   
  Domestic trade   Dongbei Hebei   
  Foreign trade   Foreign   
  After sale   National   

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