Matters needing attention when using the powder packaging machine

Post: 2018-08-06

The matters needing attention when using the powder packaging machine are as follows:

1、Please read the instructions carefully before using this product and keep the instructions in a safe place.

2The grounding wire must be used before the powder packaging machine is used. Before use, please confirm whether the voltage is the same as the voltage of this machine (220V).

3If the power cord, plug or other parts are found to be damaged, they must be stopped. Please replace and repair them with professional personnel to avoid injury.

4Pay attention to safety, the internal mold of the machine has high temperature, and the tooth cutter can not reach into the hand during the standby power-on state.

5The blade unit is sharp and should be safe during handling and cleaning.

6In case of emergency, take the red emergency stop button directly.

7Be sure to turn off the power when installing the parafilm.

8If you seal for the first time, the temperature should be low to high.

9Regularly add butter to the equipment to reduce part wear.

10Clean up every day after work, especially in the depths of the lower mold sipe.

11In the event of a malfunction, non-professionals are not allowed to open the electrical box and contact us in time.

12Wash the product immediately after use. When cleaning and disassembling parts, please make sure that the product is powered off.

13Do not let children, the elderly and people with intellectual disabilities come into contact with this product.

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